Welcome to the First Blog Post for Precision Design

My name is Jane Millan, founder of Precision Design. Before starting my company, I majored in Fine Art at the University of Florida with a focus on photographic print processes and printmaking processes such as intaglio. Back then I would spend so much time in the darkroom. Sometimes an entire day would go by before I’d see any sunlight. I loved experimenting with film and different darkroom techniques. Prepping photographs for shows was less fun for me, but the shows themselves were wonderful. Particularly when pieces would sell!

Later I studied graphic design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and loved collaborating with other commercial artists and designers. I would often be inspired by their work. Some of my favorite memories from that period are artistic collaborations, discussing each other’s creations, giving and receiving aesthetic advice, and critiques. The artistic “wavelength” is so delicately fine and I love riding that wave with others.

While I can’t recall the MAC computer or operating system I used, I do remember my first system came with a 250 mg hard drive. I thought I would never use that much space! Gigabyte was not yet heard of in the graphic design industry and Terabyte could not have been imagined back then. This was before Syquest discs (remember those? 80 mg was a LARGE! HA!). Every computer had a floppy disc drive, but not a CD drive…yet.

As much as I’ve loved being a writer and graphic designer, it never quite fulfilled a need in me to affect positive change in the world of an environmental nature. I decided to offer my services to those incredible people who work tirelessly to educate and change the way people think about our natural resources. I love working with these people. The Recycling Coordinators, City and Environmental Analysts, Public Information Officers, and City Managers; people who dedicate their professional lives towards championing the cause s of alternative energy and waste reduction in their cities.

Our team are skilled as well in regulatory compliance review and assist manufacturers in ensuring health and safety language on product packaging is in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Please visit our site at http://www.precdesign.com. If you like what you see and would like to see an even greater variety of samples, email me at janem@precdesign.com.

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