I started my career as a graphic designer, working for large and boutique agencies. I’ve worked on projects ranging from Annual Report Design and one-off brochures to multimedia campaigns including initial target audience surveys and tabulation, branding, web and print design.

I’ve also designed for outdoor: truck wraps, street banner, interpretive signage. If it’s up there or out there, I’ve had experience in doing it. I’ve won several design awards: Addy Gold and Silver, NY Harvey Communications Award and Ernie award.

Although I’ve been a successful freelancer for 10 years, I hear about Toptal through social media and checked it out. It looked like the place for me for several reasons:

• Other freelance sites are degrading to freelancers. You are competing with thousands of other freelancers for short-term, low-rated projects. It’s reminiscent of fighting over a loading dock job during the Great Depression. Toptal promises to provide professional opportunities with reputable firms.

• The freelance community looks great.  I like tapping in to other professionals who have a passion for excellent design and stellar customer service. Toptal looks as though they have a great community of pros.

• Once a freelancer it’s hard to go back.  I’ve been “on my own” for over 10 years and want to continue freelancing. I like the fact that my schedule depends on my direct relationship with the client and timely deliverables, and not upon an employer’s “clock”.

I believe Toptal will allow me the flexibility to continue doing what I love to do and continue to have complete control over my chosen freelance career. All freelancers are entrepreneurs and any community that nurtures the experienced entrepreneurial spirit cultivates job growth and economic success. For these reasons I look forward to joining the Visual Designers Community.

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