Multi-family Recycling Campaigns | City of Fairfield

Multi-family Recycling Campaigns are always a challenge.  Municipalities or their contracted “hauler” must connect with the building manager first and through him – the resident.  Bilingual campaigns are often necessary to communicate new recycling methods and inspire new recycling “habits”.

The City of Fairfield contracted us to manage their multi-family recycling campaign.  Project scope involved creating, managing and implementing project plans; managing designers, photographers, and printers; identifying cost-effective production solutions; and driving creative development of all outreach deliverables.   Deliverables included preliminary research, billboards, doorhangers to promote the campaign and a colorful Reusable Recycling Bag for each resident. These bags were so well-received that other cities called us asking for a similar design.  

A brand strategy was created to infuse all deliverables with a new logo design promoting environmental responsibility and wellbeing.  Several thematic directions were proposed. The winner: “Our City, Our Future: Fairfield Recycles!”


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